Blue Bidet

With bidet toilet seats, there is no longer the need to use toilet paper. Instead, the front and rear of the body are cleaned with water that is delivered via a nozzle. These types of toilet seats are becoming increasingly popular in homes and in businesses. People love the additional level of freshness and cleaning each time the use the toilet.


buy a bidetBidet toilet seats feature either one or two nozzles. Most consumers prefer the models with two nozzles. However, there are those with one nozzle that are very effective. The nozzles are retractable so that they are out of the way when not in use.

With a two nozzle system, there is one for the posterior washing and one for the feminine washing. Only look at bidet toilet seats that offer a self cleansing feature so that you can be confident the nozzles will always be sanitary for you to use.

Water Temperature

There are bidet toilet seats that allow you to use room temperature water. These typically don’t need any type of electrical hookup or batteries for operating. They work well in locations where it doesn’t get too cold. They also work well for those consumers that prefer cool water for cleansing versus warm water.

The majority of the bidet toilet seats though offer warm water, and they have several settings. This allows the consumer to be able to pick the type of water temperature that is perfect for them.

Water Pressure

Along those same lines, many of the bidet toilet seats also offer three water pressure settings. This ensures the user is able to get the level of clean that they really want with the right amount of pressure. Some people are more sensitive than others, so being in control of the water pressure can be a very important factor.


Not all bidet toilet seats feature a dryer, but this is the only way to go without toilet paper when you use the toilet. Those that do have a dryer setting typically have three settings to pick from. This is to keep the individual level of comfort in consideration for the consumer.

Additional Features

Depending on the brand and model of bidet toilet seat, you will find some additional features. These aren’t necessary for the functions of the toilet seat, but they can sure make your use of them comfortable. Some of these additional features commonly found are:

• Heated toilet seat
• LED nightlight
• Massager
• Pulsar
• Sitz bath

If such features are of interest to you, look for a bidet toilet seat that offers them. If you don’t think you will use those extra features, you can save money if you buy one without them.


There are three types of controls that are found with bidet toilet seats. It is important to think about the controls and where they are located. They are:

• Attached control panel
• Wall attached control panel
• Wireless remote control

With an attached control panel, it will normally be found on the right hand side of the bidet toilet seat. With a wall attached control panel, it has to be located close enough to the toilet for the user to reach it with ease. Many consumers find the wireless remote control to be the easiest choice.

The controls offered can vary too depending on the features that are part of the bidet toilet seat. Some of the controls have only a few buttons for features. Others have plenty of them and it can take some time to figure out how to use them successfully.


Most bidet toilets are easy enough to install on your own. They come with the items you need to do so. There are a few common tools you will need from your home including a screwdriver and a wrench. The typical installation time ranges from 20 minutes to 2 hours.


The cost of bidet toilet seats varies depending on the brand, the quality, and the features. Some of them are less than $50 and others cost more than $1,000. Take your time to look around so that you know what fits your budget but also offers everything you want from a bidet toilet seat.

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