Portable Bidets

A portable bidet can be a wonderful way to always have the clean and refreshed feeling you enjoy. There are several choices out there, and they seem to be made better and better all the time. They are also very affordable. If you are tired of wishing that everywhere you went had a bidet now that is possible!

What is a Portable Bidet?

A portable bidet is a product that you can carry around with you. It doesn’t weigh much at all. Women can carry one in their purse and use it when they travel or when they go out for dinner. Men can carry it in their briefcase so that it is something they can take to work and other locations.

The mobile aspect of it makes a portable bidet a very good product to consider. Now you can have access to a bidet type toilet no matter where you are at. For those that work or that travel, it means life just got easier!

How to use a Portable Bidet

The instructions for using a portable bidet need to be carefully followed. Most of them work in a similar manner. There is a bottle that is filled with warm water from a faucet. Then it is gently squeezed and the water comes out of the nozzle to cleanse the body. Some of them operate with batteries so that there is no squeezing. This helps to ensure the water pressure is consistent.

Most portable bidets come with convenient carrying cases. It is easy to rinse the nozzle after use and to put it away. Then the product is ready the next time you want to use it and it remains sanitary.

Is it Discreet?

Due to the compact size of a portable bidet, it is very discreet. It isn’t something that everyone will see you with. Filling up the water bottle in the bathroom doesn’t have to be an indicator of what you plan to do with it. Even if people do realize, they aren’t going to care that you are using a bidet. In fact, many of them may be enticed to buy a portable model themselves.


You will find portable bidets to be very low cost. Take some time to shop around to compare prices and benefits. For example, the size of the water bottle can vary from one product to the next. Check what the nozzle is made from too before you make a final decision and purchase a portable bidet.

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