What is a Bidet?

confusedA bidet is a type of toilet that is getting plenty of attention! This is a product goes beyond just the regular toilet though. With a typical toilet, you wipe with toilet paper and flush after using. With a bidet, you may not need to use toilet paper. Instead, water is used to cleanse the areas of the body. Then a dryer is used to help you feel fresh after each use. If there is no dryer, then a bit of toilet paper is used to pat the area dry.

There are plenty of types of bidet products on the market today. The most popular are those that are electrical. This offers warm water that can be controlled in terms of volume and the heat. There are many other features that it may include too. For example, a heated toilet seat, a massage, and a dryer with various settings.

In order to successfully use an electric bidet product, you must have a plug in available in the bathroom. Most of these products have a long cord so it is fine if the plug in isn’t right next to the toilet.

An electrical bidet offers all of the features through a wireless remote control, a wall control panel, or a panel that is on the side of the toilet seat. It is a personal preference in regard to which one of them you would like to have for your controls.

Non-electrical bidet products offer room temperature water, and they don’t require any type of plug in. They are also easy to install. Most of them are significantly less expensive than the electrical models. They can be customized to fit the toilet bowel model too due to the adjustable sizing on the back of them.

Handheld bidet products are the least expensive, and they are very simple to use. This includes a product that looks similar to a shower head, but much smaller. It can be used as a sprayer to cleanse after using the toilet. This is a good option if you don’t plan to stay at your current residence for a long time.

There are also travel bidet products. They allow you to have the convenience of a bidet at your fingertips. You can carry one with you at the office or when you travel. They offer you a sanitary way to cleanse with a water bottle that fills up from the sink in the bathroom.

There are several brands of bidet products on the market today. Most of them are simple to install, and you can do it on your own. You can do so with some basic tools you already have around your home. You don’t need to be an expert and you don’t need to hire a professional to complete that installation process for you.

It is a good idea to read reviews about bidet products before you buy one. That will provide you with the best information from those that already use that particular product. Evaluate the pros and cons. It is a good idea to do your research on the brands of bidet products out there too. That way you can make sure you buy something that is well made.

It is a good idea to compare bidet products in terms of features, pricing, brand, and warranty information. That way, you can get the product that works best for you and your budget. There are plenty of differences that may matter to you. For example, some of the bidet products only have one nozzle. Others have one for front and one for back cleansing convenience.

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